ODTUG, Gratitude, and Service

Fortune Cookie

It’s been nearly a week since the ODTUG election results were announced and I’m still humbled by the results. Some THANK YOU’s are in order.

First, a warm THANK YOU to everyone who ran in the election. The competition was strong this year and I’m proud to count myself among such worthy opponents. Three brand new Board members join the 2016-17 team and we’re ready to start our new job in January. Let’s do this!

Second, a huge THANK YOU to all of the ODTUG members who were eligible to vote and did. I fully believe that this community grows stronger when its members make their voices heard by participating in the democratic process. Tenured leaders have the opportunity to be re-elected and continue their great work, while new leaders have the chance to bring forth their own ideas and new perspectives. Either way, this leads to progress and a bright future for this great organization.

Third, a generous THANK YOU to my boss, Mark Wilson, and the others from TopDown Consulting who supported me in my ODTUG role. Mark felt that it was important for me to explore my career path in this direction, and he allowed me to make time for it so I didn’t completely burn out.

Next, to my friends and family, both part of and not part of ODTUG (especially my dear, sweet husband who has to put up with me on a daily basis)…a loving THANK YOU for being there every step of the way. You were there to encourage me. It truly takes a village.

Fifth, to those of you who voted for me…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Thirteen of you told me that you voted for me during the election process. I didn’t know if I was going to make it with 13 votes, but I felt special that I captured that many. Now I realize that there were more. I plan to repay your kindness by giving you all that I can in this new role.

Finally, to five very special people… One of you put the idea in my head to run last year and then whispered it to me again this year. You’ve become a true friend to me over the past few years and I will be forever in your debt. Three of you fanned that flame at KScope15 and took time out of your busy schedules to talk to me seriously about running. And one of you mentored me through the election process because it was so important to you that I succeed. I am so, so grateful. THANK YOU. I hope to make you all proud.

Just over 3 years ago I was a first time speaker at KScope12. I had no idea where that path would take me. What this new ODTUG Board position means to me is the highest level of service in this awesome community. It’s a serious job and I plan to take it very seriously. THANK YOU for allowing me the opportunity to represent and serve you.

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