EPM Cloud Quick Tip: Provide Feedback Feature

One of the more interesting support options found within the Oracle EPM Cloud technologies is a feature called “Provide Feedback”. This nifty little feature can be found within the user drop-down menu:


EPRCS Provide Feedback



PBCS Provide Feedback


*I only did a quick check, but I could not find this option in BICS.

The Provide Feedback feature allows you to submit text and/or screen shot feedback on your user experience from within the EPM cloud web interface. And, even more cool:

  • It takes a screen shot of your current screen
  • It logs the browser and version that you’re using
  • It logs the operating system that you’re using
  • You get an email copy of what you’ve submitted
  • A unique Provide Feedback reference ID is created that you can use to identify your specific submission

Take a look at the information logged that I sent in today about EPRCS. This is what was sent back to me in the email copy:

Provide Feedback Email

Now I’m not going to lie – this feature has its quirks. The Highlight and Darken options elude me. In addition, when I add a screen shot my text description disappears. I have been sticking to text-only feedback and this works just fine.

Provide feedback screen

The best thing about this feature is that someone actually responds to it. I don’t expect the same quick turnaround and quality of response years from now that I’m receiving today, but what I will say is that I’ve gotten a response within a couple of hours and the response is helpful. It tells me: 1) whether or not the Oracle response team has seen my feedback before and 2) what they’re doing about it. I’ve only submitted two feedback sessions to date (and only on EPRCS) but I have been pleasantly surprised at the results. The level of person responding is also remarkable, but I won’t out him here as I’m not sure if Oracle plans to keep up this level of attention on the Provide Feedback feature. 🙂

The only question I have is how to juggle this feature with Oracle SR’s. I don’t know when to use which at this point, but I imagine that question will be answered over time.

Update 3/28: It is recommended that the Provide Feedback feature be used in advance of an Oracle SR. This note is provided within Oracle Cloud Support interface: “Before reporting a problem, Oracle recommends that you submit diagnostic information using the ‘Provide Feedback’ feature.  If you have done so, please enter the Reference that was presented.  Otherwise, please provide the User ID, date, time and time zone related to the problem.

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