FCCS Quick Tip: Finding Your Instance

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind for our EPM cloud team. We purchased instances of ARCS, FCCS, and Enterprise Planning Cloud (EPBCS). This was on top of our existing instances of BICS, PBCS, and EPRCS.

We waited to receive information on FCCS…and then waited…and then finally followed back up with our contacts. In the meantime, we played around in our new Enterprise Planning Cloud instance, although called “PBCS” still.

Finding FCCS

We finally found out last night that the new “PBCS” instance we were given (above) is actually our FCCS instance. Interesting! Some obvious items to note:

  • The instance is not called “FCCS”
  • Notice that it’s not even called “EPBCS”, which we know shares both types of applications

Our FCCS Oracle development contacts informed us that the naming conventions will get resolved at some point. They apparently have been slammed with pre-orders  and orders.

Therefore, for those of you who might also find yourself in this conundrum:

  • If you purchased licenses for PBCS, EPBCS, and FCCS at the same time, proceed carefully. You may want to work out with your Oracle sales rep which instance is which. If the licenses were purchased at different times, then most likely you’ll have different domain names which will help keep it all organized.
  • Regular PBCS still looks like the old PBCS (at least until July) so you would know immediately which instance you’re looking at. Your options when first logging into PBCS are to create 1 of 3 types of applications: Sample, Simple, or Advanced.

PBCS_startup screen

  • When first logging into EPBCS/FCCS, your options are to create either a Planning and Budgeting or Financial Consolidation and Close application.

FCCS_EPBCS_startup screen

The good news is that this tip is time sensitive. Oracle hopes to resolve the naming conventions soon to make this more clear to customers.

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