FCCS Quick Tip: Enabling Data Management

Earlier this month, FCCS received an update that opens up support for Data Management (“FDMEE lite on the cloud”). This option is now available in the configuration screen and is called “Managed Data”:

FCCS New DM-Config Option

Once enabled, you can access the “Data Integration” link through Navigator, as seen here in our Pre-Production/Test FCCS environment:

FCCS New DM-Test App (Link)

However, I encountered an issue when I went to find the same link in Production. This is what I saw there – the link is missing:

FCCS New DM-Prod App (No Link)

Naturally, I logged a Provide Feedback + Oracle SR. Both environments had preexisting applications and both were on the same exact patch number. So why would the link appear in one environment and not the other?

My FCCS Oracle SR rep informed me that you would only see the “Data Integration” link in applications where the new Managed Data option was already selected. My applications are different and were created at different times. Pre-Production/Test was created just this week and that option was conveniently selected. My Production application was created last month, before the option was available. My Oracle SR rep informed that any older applications would need to manually enable this new feature.

Therefore, to enable this feature on older applications, you need to navigate to the Console card and then Configure tab. Then press the “Enable Features” button in the upper right-hand corner.

FCCS New DM-Enable Feature How

Once there, check the “Managed Data” box and then press “Enable”:

FCCS New DM-Enable Feature

It took approximately 10-11 minutes for Data Management to fully configure. I couldn’t see the “Data Integration” link immediately – I had to log out and log back in.

Once I logged back in and went into Data Management, I saw that it looked and felt like Enterprise Planning Cloud. My source options include “file” sources, as well as drill through URL options:

FCCS New DM-Source Options

Target options include both local and cloud choices, in addition to an already configured FCCS application and application export options:

FCCS New DM-Target Options

I can’t wait to test this out later!

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