EPM Cloud Quick Tip: Resolving “Unable to connect” Login Error

This tip comes from a set of errors that I’ve recently been receiving. When attempting to log into one of our EPM Cloud products, I receive the following type of error (and note that I’m using Firefox as my web browser):

Localhost-related Error 01

There are two important elements with this error:

  1. The URL has switched to a “localhost” address (on it’s own – this is not what was in the saved URL that I chose)
  2. The “Unable to connect” error message

From my experience, this error indicates that:

  1. There are multiple EPM Cloud domains at play, which happens if you license EPM Cloud products at different times
  2. My web browser has somehow saved my most recent login credentials
  3. I’m attempting to connect to a different EPM Cloud domain than what I was logged into before

This error is quite easy to resolve. You will not be able to log into the EPM Cloud product that you’re aiming for at first. Therefore, your choices are to log into the last domain you logged into or to switch over to the My Services site. I’ll do the latter, since I usually can’t remember the last domain I logged into.

The URL for the My Services site is easy to remember and generic for all of EPM Cloud:


So I’ll log in here. By taking this action, I’m also shown the last domain that I logged into:

Localhost-related Error 02

Once here, navigate to the user menu in the upper right-hand corner (blurred out for security purposes in my above screen shot) and choose to Sign Out:

Localhost-related Error 03

Once you do this, your domain will be logged out of. You can now open the URL of the product you wish to go to.

If you also had accidentally saved the domain last time, you can switch that over too. Press the change domain option in the login screen and it will allow you to change your domain.

Localhost-related Error 04To avoid this error in the future, it’s highly recommended that you don’t save your EPM Cloud login credentials if you license multiple domains and need to switch back and forth between them often. Unfortunately, Oracle does not have the ability to consolidate domains for customers just yet…

Let it out here

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