PBCS Quick Tip: Defaulting the Home Screen to the Simplified UI

This tip comes courtesy of many frustrating log ins into client environments and relates to the landing page that users first see.

Note that customers utilizing the enterprise application option on EPBCS are not affected by this, as this option only displays the Simplified User Interface (“SUI”). If you subscribed to PBCS recently, this will not be an issue for you either since Oracle no longer allows for anything other than the SUI in new PBCS pods. Any customers on older versions back when both the standard/workspace and standard interfaces were available will be in this unique situation.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at the following landing screen. This is the most current SUI for PBCS:


This interface is the direction that Oracle is going and it’s fairly intuitive for users. It mimics a smartphone/tablet computer and is mobile compatible. I (even as a long-time Planning consultant) have come to prefer it, although I know other seasoned Planning consultants who are still holding out.

If the above is the “simplified” way, what is the alternative? Customers who licensed PBCS in the first 2 years and haven’t changed over (or for some reason, changed to it) may see this upon login:


This is “old school” Planning and is called the “standard” or “workspace” interface. Notice that the URL ends in “/workspace”.

Once the pop-ups are unblocked, this screen then launches a second browser window where, after a minute or two of loading, you can access what looks like the on-prem version of Planning. This includes an option for the SUI (the “Simplified Interface” option listed below).


For those of us who have embraced the “simple” way of doing things, the old default landing page becomes annoying. And this is only because it takes longer to get to the SUI…like, 2 whole minutes and up to 2-3 clicks more.

If you don’t want the standard interface to show up, take these simple steps to change the setting. From within the standard landing screen, select the “Simplified Interface” option:


This will take you directly to the SUI. From there, navigate to Application >> Settings.


Once in the Settings screen, scroll down until you see the option for “UI Display”. You can then change the drop-down to the “Simplified Interface” choice.


Save your new selection.

Now when you login with the “/workspace” URL, you’ll automatically be redirected to the “/HyperionPlanning” URL, which will take you to the SUI.

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