EPC Quick Tip: Login Fails

This tip comes courtesy of many frustrating failed logins due to operator error.

Here is the simple rule of thumb if you’re in Oracle EPM/Planning Cloud consulting or happen to have more than one domain across many EPC (Enterprise Planning Cloud – PBCS or EPBCS) pods: remember to sign out. Just do it.

Have you ever been working in Planning Cloud and happened to encounter one of the following screens?

“Unable to connect” (and note the localhost:9000 URL swap)


-or- the super awesome “Server not found”


This is due to you attempting to log into a different Planning Cloud domain, yet you’ve failed to log out of a previous one first. Yes, I’m blaming you. It’s pretty much always due to operator error – I would know. And trying to log in a million times over and over again isn’t going to get you out of the dilemma. I’ve tried that too. (sigh)

Here are at least three ways to get out of this situation – I’ve denoted the surefire way:

  1. Clear your browser cache. This works many times but is not 100% reliable.
  2. Close all of your browser windows. This works most of the time but is also not 100% reliable.
  3. Navigate to the My Services page (which is like Oracle laughing at you because taking this step auto logs you into your last domain and hammers in the point that you did this to yourself). Then correctly sign out.


#3 has worked every time for me when using the recommended browser of Firefox. But if you can’t handle the mockery or want to be daring to save a few seconds, try options #1 or #2 first.

By the way, the generic URL for the My Services page, for English readers, is: https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/sign-in

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