EPM Cloud Update: TRCS Stealth release!

And Oracle does another stealth release with the December 2016 EPM Cloud update. FCCS and EPBCS customers noticed a new option this week when creating an application: Tax Reporting!


After inquiring about this to the Oracle Product Management team, it looks like TRCS (Tax Reporting Cloud Service) joined the EPBCS/FCCS code line and became available to existing customer Test environments after last weekend’s December EPM Cloud update. Existing customers can start playing with it immediately. It should hit Prod environments the night of December 16, 2016.

New customers will see it available at cloud.oracle.com in the new year. I expect that the TRCS pricing will follow the EPBCS/FCCS licensing model, at a retail price of $250/user/month (minimum 10 users), but this is also to be confirmed once the product is formally announced to new customers.

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