TRCS First Look: Creating an Application

Following the awesome release of Tax Reporting Cloud Service (TRCS) last weekend to existing EPBCS/FCCS customers, I had to (of course), go in and play with this new cloud technology. Not being a previous Hyperion Tax Provisioning user, I decided to start simple and create a new application to get the ball rolling.

Caveat: as this is the first public release of this technology, I would imagine that the screen shots below will be out of date by the time the product is formally released to new customers in 2017.

First things first…if there is no existing application, you need to create one by selecting Tax Reporting from the startup screen. Unfortunately, no sample application option is provided yet.


Then, as is the normal protocol for this code line, name your application and put in a (required) description. The application name must be 8 characters or less, as this product has an Essbase back end.


At this point in time, there are very few options for the initial application details. I see that you can choose your year start and end. In addition, you can determine if you want to enable multi-currency. As there is no documentation available publicly for this product yet, it’s uncertain how multi-currency works here. I would guess that it’s similar to how the EPBCS multi-currency feature works.


Once the initial details are selected, a review screen (and most importantly, a Back button) are available before you press Create.


Once you press Create, application creation starts.


I don’t recall this process taking overly long – probably less than 10 minutes.


Once the application was created, I was taken to the home screen. A variety of brightly colored cards and clusters were available for my perusal. Naturally, my curiosity led me to selecting the unfamiliar ones.


The Operations cluster offers the following cards:


Here is the Tax Provision National cluster:


The Tax Provision Regional cluster:


Total Tax took me to a dashboard (empty, as I have no data loaded yet). Yay! Pre-built content!


The CbCR card takes me to a different dashboard (also empty):


Approvals looks and feels like the EPBCS/FCCS approvals feature:


Library is a card that I haven’t seen in many Oracle EPM Cloud products. This is what it displays out of the box:


The Application cluster has a bunch of similar sounding card options to EPBCS and FCCS:


And finally, the Tools cluster also looks and feels like EPBCS and FCCS:


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