2016 ODTUG Marketing Committee: THANK YOU!

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Earlier in my ODTUG volunteerism I was asked to join the ODTUG Marketing Committee. For those of you unfamiliar with this committee, this is a group of folks who execute on marketing-type initiatives throughout the year, primarily focused on the central ODTUG organization. I joined in 2014. Martin D’Souza was the Board liaison at that time. Adrian Png, Erica Harris, Danny Bryant, Lauren Prezby, and Lori Lorusso were also part of this group then. I stayed on throughout the years, as it was a fun and creative outlet for me. Then in 2016 when I became an ODTUG Board member and Martin became Vice President of ODTUG, I took over the committee as the Board liaison.

I know I’m not alone when I say that this committee has been a bright spot for me. It’s been fun interacting with folks from different communities and seeing their contributions to the organization. In addition, the players change every year so it’s been a great way to meet new people.

Prior to 2016, the ODTUG Marketing committee has been responsible for some of the following notable initiatives:

  • Newcomer’s Community and associated blog posts (this was replaced by the Career Community in early 2016)
  • ODTUG community blog aggregator and auto-feed Twitter accounts
  • Various ODTUG and Kscope marketing campaigns
  • Affiliate program and web page

The 2016 committee was composed of Adrian Png, Erica Harris, David Schleis, and Dayalan Punniyamoorthy. From the YCC side, Lori Lorusso supported us until Adam Gershenbaum took over when he joined YCC in his marketing ODTUG support role. The 2016 ODTUG Marketing Committee was responsible for the following noteworthy initiatives this past year:

  • Volunteer job boards by community – where we found new Marketing Committee members (yay!)
  • Cinco de Mayo #TBT Twitter party
  • ODTUG website refresh
  • ODTUG annual membership survey

In 2017 the formal Marketing Committee disbands as ODTUG continues to move towards a community-centric model. Instead, we will run ODTUG-centric projects on-demand and put out a request for volunteers for each project.

Erica Harris

Thank you for your dual role of Database Community lead and marketing enthusiast! I have loved your ideas, honest input, and your continued support of ODTUG. Was great to finally meet you face-to-face at Kscope16 and hang out!

Adrian Png

You’re always willing to jump in and put your APEX skills to work. You are an asset to ODTUG and your ideas are fantastic. I can’t wait to see where your career goes and will continue to be a fan and supporter. Thank you for your efforts!

Dayalan Punniyamoorthy

A newbie to the group – all the way from Pune, India! Thank you for being an ODTUG ambassador in India and providing alternate time zone support for the EPM community and ODTUG’s marketing initiatives! Enjoyed our early morning/evening Google hangout meetings. A new member to ODTUG who jumped straight in with both feet – thank you!

David Schleis

Also new to the Marketing Committee this year…past ODTUG Board member and long-time ODTUG enthusiast! Thank you for juggling the Marketing Committee with your career change! I hope you enjoyed your time on the committee and I look forward to your future hilarious comedic adventures!


“Being part of the marketing committee opened the door for me to understand what ODTUG does in various tools and technologies of Oracle, in not just hosting Kscope every year but driving webinars all throughout the year, sponsoring meetups across the globe, and conducting community service activities too. Being a member of the Marketing committee, I was exposed to the gurus/experts in the EPM and BI community. I was introduced to multiple stakeholders within the ODTUG organisation and I did help market the ODTUG events and blogs in my time zone. The interaction with other peers (industry experts on Oracle technologies) would not be possible if I was not part of the ODTUG marketing committee.

The dream of hosting a first ever EPM meetup in India sponsored by ODTUG came true. It was a great event to meetup with 20+ like-minded people in Pune. Thanks to all the participants who attended the meetup and a special thanks to Wendy [from YCC], Jessica Cordova, Angelina Baynes, and Janice D’Aloia. With all that said, the journey with ODTUG was pretty exciting and fun filled and I can definitely say it laid a stepping stone in achieving my goal of being a technology evangelist.”

– Dayalan Punniyamoorthy, ODTUG Marketing Committee and Oracle evangelist

A big shout out to all past Marketing Committee members! THANK YOU for everything you’ve done and I hope to cross paths with you again!

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