Oracle Cloud Release: A Milestone is Achieved

Today, EDMCS (Enterprise Data Management Cloud) formally launches!

Not all details have been released for EDMCS publicly, but with partner training looming next month I expect to see blog posts about this interesting new addition to the master data space soon. EDMCS (also known as “DRM on the Cloud”) will provide customers the ability to manage, align, and enforce enterprise data. It is not a lift and shift of DRM (Data Relationship Management), but a rewrite. As more information is released, we hope to unravel the layers and understand how well this solution fits inside the SaaS and PaaS space.

Matt Bradley (SVP, Development at Oracle) graciously gave me a quote for my blog post about today’s monumental achievement: “We are very excited with the initial release of EDMCS — this is a watershed moment for Oracle EPM with the last remaining functional area of our portfolio now being available within the Cloud. But this is not the end, just another example of the rapid pace of innovation we have demonstrated within the Cloud and will continue deliver going forward.  Customers are making important decisions based on the data within our services. EDMCS is a core capability. By enabling customers to manage their reference and master data, they can be much more confident in making decisions based on this data and can thrive as the pace of change continues to accelerate.”

With this product release, Oracle reaches a milestone. Just under 4 years ago, Oracle began porting their on-prem EPM and BI solutions to the Cloud. They started on Valentines Day 2014 with Planning & Budgeting Cloud and shared an entire vision for EPM and BI. They outlined a list of solutions they intended to move, and refined that list over time. In early 2016, a solid list of Cloud solutions was created. Oracle has now executed on that dream.

Today, all products in the Oracle SaaS and PaaS vision have now been formally rolled out. It’s been an interesting journey (and with some unexpected twists and turns):

All Products


So what’s next for Oracle? Now that Oracle EPM and BI Cloud is a fully rolled out vision, I expect to see continual improvements to the baseline code, with some new surprises along the way. The solutions will also start moving towards the emerging technology space (and some already have started included machine learning).

Exciting times ahead!

3 thoughts on “Oracle Cloud Release: A Milestone is Achieved

  1. amarnath says:

    That’s good to know. I really like your screenshot with the list of all Cloud EPM products, release date pricing.
    To your note on partner training, any idea where can i get the info about partner training on EDMCS?


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