EPM Cloud Quick Tip: Self-Service Domain Relocation Tool

About 2 months ago, I used the (somewhat) new self-service domain relocation tool to migrate one EPM Cloud instance to another domain. However, this was not successful, and this is the quick tip that I wanted to share with this audience. I used the self-service domain relocation tool, which is available through the My Account site under “Identity Domain Administration” (to users with special security access):

Domain Relocation Service

The goal of this tool is to allow customers to migrate their services from one domain to another. They’d want to do this to take advantage of features like EPM Business Processes (also known as “cross pod connectivity”, depending on who you’re talking to).

What was unknown and undocumented is that customers who licensed their pods before May 1, 2016 are not supported by this feature. Yet, you’re still allowed to run the service, and the current online documentation does not alert you of your ineligibility. Note that I’ve logged an enhancement request to prevent ineligible customers from using this service and to document appropriately.

It took 8 weeks to get this issue fully resolved. We had no access to the EPM Cloud instance that I attempted to relocate during that time (luckily, I had the foresight to migrate only 1 instance). The resolution involved setting up a brand new pod under the domain that we requested to relocate to (which we offered as a workaround option up front). This was necessary to get us on a licensing model that was supported. Once that was completed, I had to manually migrate all of our old stuff to the new environment. Migration was super easy and didn’t take more than a couple of hours from start to finish. Thank you to my SR rep, Austin, who worked with several teams to get this completed and had to deal with my frustration messages for 8 weeks (“are we there yet?”).

For supported customers, this relocation happens very quickly (I received notification within 15 minutes, although it didn’t work correctly). Everything should migrate over intact.

If you’re looking to use this tool and are unsure about your licensing, I urge you to log an SR to verify eligibility first.

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