ODTUG Kscope19 Abstract Submission: PROCRASTINATORS UNITE!

Do you smell that aroma in the air? No, I’m not talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes (although those are pretty tasty). It’s the end of abstract season! Can you believe it?

But now there’s one FINAL push. The end is nigh. We’ve saved the best for last. ODTUG Kscope19 abstracts are due EOD on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

For those of you who waited until the very last minute…and yes, we know that most ODTUG Kscope abstracts are submitted the week they’re due…this post is for you.

Why You Should Present at ODTUG Kscope19

This is not a secret, but ODTUG Kscope is the best Oracle technical conference of the year.

We pride ourselves on our top notch content (did you see the super high average presenter rating from Kscope18?), our well known community, our prolific speakers, and the ability to network with elite folks. Joining the ranks of previous presenters is not only a shining achievement, but it will open up doors for you and your career.

Without amazing content, we don’t have a conference. Therefore, we need ideas like yours to make this annual event great. We want you! We need you! Help us educate the world!

Have Passion, Need Ideas

Do you want to present at ODTUG Kscope but can’t think of a good idea? No problem! Start with a look at our awesome track lineup for Kscope19.

Still need some out of the box ideas? Here are some topics that you may not have thought of yet:

  • Cool things happening with on-prem
  • Foundational concepts. Every technology has the potential to be new to someone at ODTUG Kscope. Basics of coding, core principles, abstract concepts simplified…the list goes on!
  • Theories and features not yet tested. Is there new functionality coming out that looks promising? Maybe a new way to architect or design something? Write an abstract about the potential future and grow it into a presentation before game time!
  • What about cross-community topics? What should a Database developer know about BI? What should an EPM developer know about APEX?
  • Emerging technologies – a new, formal track this year! The future direction of Oracle is … enhanced by intelligent machines. And we can’t wait to learn more…from YOU!

New to abstract submission? Use the accepted Kscope18 abstracts as a reference point.

Remember to submit a quality abstract showcasing:

  • your experience
  • a catchy title
  • and a killer description that will hook attendees (and content selection members).

You can submit up to 4 abstracts per primary presenter total (meaning, across all tracks)…and yes, we check.

Worried about lacking presentation skills? Don’t worry – we are here to help you! Last year we held a webinar series about being a better presenter. We’ll reprise that in 2019 prior to the conference!

Shoulds and Shouldn’ts

There are many yesses, but also some nos to the fine art of conference abstract submission. Take an extra glance at your draft before pressing Submit. There are many eyes on your abstracts this year. We have a team of public voters, core content selection team members, and the conference committee all weighing in on what will make ODTUG Kscope19 great. So take a few extra minutes. Let another set of eyes review your abstract and title. Submit the very best!

Still not sure? Additional guidance:

Already submitted an abstract and see something here that makes you want to rethink it? Don’t worry – log back into the ODTUG website and tweak your abstract. They aren’t considered “final” until the actual submission due date and time.

Topic Recommendations

Here’s some advice from some very important people – your content chairs and conference committee:

BI advice from Teal Sexton, BI Content Chair:

  • Use cases of storing big data
  • Migrating from OBIEE to OAC
  • Foundational OBIEE: good BI design, optimizing performance, back end efficiency
  • Use cases of using OBIEE/OAC to make business decisions
  • Real-life DVD/DVCS use cases
  • Using the appropriate reporting tool for the correct reporting need
  • Good report design – speeding up development, new features and functionality, faster reports
  • Why BI is needed at organizations today
  • Moving off legacy BI tools (Interactive Reporting, Web Analysis, etc.)
  • Thorough comparison of BI tools
  • Use cases of Python, R, and other tools in conjunction with DV

EPM advice from Gary Adashek and Chris Barbieri, EPM Content Chairs:

  • Real experiences: lessons learned, nuances, efficacy of product features
  • Real-life experiences and use cases with FCCS, ARCS, and EPRCS narrative reporting
  • Migration and implementation use cases around Supplement Data Manager, Close Manager, DRM, and EDMCS
  • Multi-product Cloud data integration
  • Advanced topics on HFM
  • Staying on-prem with the 11.2 release
  • Dodeca case studies, features, and use cases
  • OAC Essbase – migration strategies, real-life implementations of customers in production
  • Sizing and pricing of OAC Essbase
  • Use cases of OAC Essbase-only features (sand boxing, scenarios, cube designer, unstructured data cube creation, etc.)
  • Foundational Essbase topics: multi-dimensional design principles, developing calc scripts, optimization, etc.
  • Essbase non-Financial use cases
  • Migrations of on-prem Planning to Planning Cloud and mature PBCS implementations live in production
  • Hybrid BSO in EPBCS – real life use cases and experiences
  • PBCS+OAC implementations
  • EPM+DV implementations

APEX advice from Jorge Rimblas, APEX and Database Content Chair:

  • What’s new in APEX 18.2 (and perhaps 19.x?)
  • Good practices in using SQL & PL/SQL for your APEX apps
  • New features for developers in Oracle 12.2 & 18c
  • JavaScript both for the front end and the database
  • Learn how to consume data from Remote Databases and Web Sources.

Database advice from Jorge Rimblas, APEX and Database Content Chair:

  • Learn and apply new features from Oracle 18c
  • Did you know that with MLE (Multilingual Engine) you can run several languages inside the database? For example, JavaScript and Python
  • Learn about Docker
  • REST Data Services and new features in ORDS (Oracle REST Data Services)
  • Lessons learned from upgrades

Emerging Technology advice, from the entire conference committee:

  • Pure topics on specific emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Personal Assistants (Chatbots), Predictive Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Blockchain
  • How emerging technology is making its mark on the world
  • Use cases of how these technologies are being utilized in a corporate environment
  • New user experiences being created by emerging technologies
  • How entities are transacting with each other with Blockchain

Totally Random Inspiration

A totally rando movie clip to inspire you!


So, yo – get your abstracts in. An accepted abstract is your opportunity to give back to the community, showcase your wisdom, and be a part of something great. #yougotthis

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