The Winds of Change

Photo credit: by Leon Seibert via Unsplash

The time has come for me to announce a change in my career.

First, a “So Long…”

Today is my last day at interRel, now ArganoInterRel. There are multiple reasons for my choice to leave, as there often are when you’ve been at a company for many years. However, it comes down to something really simple at the end of the day: I need a break. And then I need a change.

And so I leave my interRel family with a heavy heart and reflect fondly on my time there.

Photo credit: interRel University 2016 – Best Project Award

A big thank you to everyone at interRel for many joyful and cherished memories over the years. interRel is full of hard-working individuals who deserve the utmost respect, and you are truly the most important asset to the company. One of my biggest highs will be the personal conversations I’ve had with so many of you in recent weeks.

This is not goodbye but a temporary farewell. If I’ve learned nothing else, Hyperion is a small world. I wish you all the best on your Argano voyage.

And Then, a New Journey

Photo credit: from a friend – achieving Oracle ACE Director, announced at ODTUG Kscope18

And so I find myself in a position of immense pride and gratitude. In this first half of my career, I’ve had the privilege to accomplish *just about* everything on my career bucket list, and with a few impromptu items added. Just about.

What are my next steps? First, I’m taking a career break, the length of which is undetermined at this time. Quarantine was rough for me and, on top of everything else, filled with many deaths in my private circles. It’s time to reset. My break starts tomorrow. I’ve already planned the next 6 weeks full of travel, good eating, much soccer and Olympics watching, impromptu dance parties, lip syncing to Apple Music 90s alternative playlists, meditation (or, attempt at meditation 😂), a woman’s retreat, nature walks, and focused time with family.

Second, I’ve updated LinkedIn with a new company name. So my second big announcement in this blog post is my founding of Woman in EPM, LLC, where I may potentially offer independent consultant services after my break. This is my security blanket for now. It could be a stop-gap while in search of something else. It might be a more permanent home. It might not be used at all. Time will tell.

Finally, I’m keeping my options open for my next big career step. I may stay in this industry or I may do something completely different. I truly don’t know right now.

Things that will not change in the short-term: this blog will stay up (although it will take a short hiatus), my Twitter and cell phone number won’t change, and Anthony and I plan to continue making more podcast episodes after a summer break.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Until then…to quote one of the best one-liners of all time, from Semisonic’s song Closing Time (a great 90s alternative song 😏):

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Quarantine Opal

I’ll be seeing you…