I first cut my teeth on podcasting in summer 2019. The local NTxHUG organization that I help lead encounters a lull during the summer. The Dallas EPM community is very family-oriented and the super hot and sunny summer makes a good case for fun. We decided to move to a virtual format that year and I suggested that we create an informal podcast. We didn’t know what we were doing, and with zero budget and limited bandwidth, we surprised ourselves by doing a 2-episode release. #goodtimes

Since then, I’ve stepped up my game with podcasting. I’ve mentored others on what I’ve learned, and my friend Kevin McGinley, ODTUG Kscope Conference Chair 20-21, even asked me to be a part of his new podcast about the conference.

In early summer 2020 the bug hit me again (especially during quarantine) and my buddy Anthony Manfredi and I set out to create our own podcast on all things Performance Management tech. We incubated for a few months and finally released our teaser episode in late summer. We have no idea where it will go, but we’re having a blast! As a natural creative, I love this!

Below, I’ve compiled a list of podcasts and episodes that I’m proud to be a part of. Check them out!

NTxHUG Summer Series Podcast (2019)

ODTUG Kscope Uncovered Podcast (Kscope20)

Performance Management Techcast (2020-2022)