Book Announcement: Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Standard

OAC Book

On this eve of Kscope17interRel is announcing a new Oracle BI Cloud book (surprise!): Look Smarter Than You Are with Oracle Analytics Cloud Standard. This book will walk you through the newly released OAC solution released earlier this year, covering the Standard edition which comes with Essbase Cloud and DV Cloud. It is the third published book available on Oracle EPM/BI Cloud technologies and includes technical information for beginners, users, and admins alike, with a continuation of The Martian story plot from our other two Oracle EPM Cloud books.

This book is the third one in my career journey and I get super excited with each one (as well a backlog of sleep). We’ve a record breaking number of authors on this one (how did you think we got this done on time?), including contributions from ALL of interRel’s Oracle ACE’s: Tracy McMullenEdward RoskeWayne Van Sluys, Robert Gideon, and Glenn Schwartzberg, and a few other great interRel consultants, Sarah Branhagen and Rich Magee. We were also very fortunate to have the foreword authored by Gabby Rubin, a.k.a. Supreme Overlord of All Things Analytics in the Cosmos.

If you are attending Kscope17 and want to know more about OAC, there are a good number of sessions on it in the Essbase track. It’s the next iteration of Essbase and new leap in this Oracle Cloud renaissance.

In one of these many sessions, I will get to say a few words and demo how to build cubes with Cube Designer (one of OAC’s Smart View extensions), as well as explain how OAC was used to build a cube for the ODTUG Kscope conference committee and fed by Kscope16 beacon data:

There are also some awesome speakers with great expertise and personal experience on OAC speaking at Kscope. Check out one of these sessions. See you all soon!

(This book is 700+ pages long, comprehensively covers the basics of OAC Standard, Essbase foundational concepts, Smart View foundational concepts, and DV best practices. It is available for purchase at the interRel booth, on, and will be available for purchase on shortly.)

4 thoughts on “Book Announcement: Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Standard

  1. David Murphy says:

    Good luck with the book – I think these “Look Smarter than you are” editions are superb.

    But a favour please… We go live with Oracle Fusion next week (fingers more than crossed!). SmartView on the Fusion Essbase cubes is, of course, where most of our finance people will be looking to perform their analysis, etc. Which book would you recommend for us to get a good grounding on what SmartView offers and how best to use it? I find theh Look Smarter than you are with SmartView just doesn’t quite relate to what we are looking for and, if possible, I am looking for one which might be a bit more Finance related.

    Sorry to hijack your thread…

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    • OpaL says:

      Thanks, David! I have inquired amongst my EPM friends to see if anyone is aware of a Smart View book that might be more related to Fusion or Finance. From what I understand, they are all a bit general and high-level. Good luck with your search and also your go live!


    • OpaL says:

      Hi there! I’m not aware of any books on Essbase 19c.

      However, the fusion middleware on Essbase 19c goes out of support at the end of this year, so I doubt any will be written. Essbase 21c is the relevant version. (But note that I’m not aware of any books on Essbase 21c at this point, either.)


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