OAC Quick Tip: Patch documentation

A very quick tip for those of you who are keeping up with OAC patches.

To recap, OAC is a PaaS (platform as a service) solution, so it works a bit differently than SaaS. The customer is responsible for the backups, patches, and upgrades. At this point in time, administrators are not notified of new OAC patches and the patch readme link in the Administration interface is not working properly. Until Oracle works out some of the communication kinks in with patching, here is a link to the “what’s new” documentation that is available today (a big thank you to our Oracle CSM, Karen, for providing this link):

What’s New for OAC

It is currently not updated for the recently released 107 patch, but the team aims to update the documentation as quickly as is possible around the patch release time.

Note that the 107 patch primarily includes bug fixes to the 106 patch and requires an “out of place” upgrade (more on that soon).

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