EPRCS Quick Tip: Provide Feedback Everywhere!

During a recent discussion with the Oracle Product Management team, it was mentioned to me that the Provide Feedback option had been enhanced and in a super helpful way.

In case you’ve forgotten what Provide Feedback does, here’s an older post on this feature.

Over the years, Provide Feedback has gotten smarter. For instance, now there’s an option within Provide Feedback to release a copy of the snapshot to the development team directly. However, it’s not this enhancement that has me writing this blog post. The placement of the Provide Feedback feature has been enhanced.

In Oracle EPM Cloud environments, you can find the Provide Feedback option under the user menu by default, like shown below:

Regular EPRCS PF Option

This is definitely useful, but what if you’re in another window (like developing a Management Reporting report) and you can’t reach the user menu? Then you get a screen shot of something that is not relevant to your issue.

The Oracle EPRCS Product Management team decided to enhance this feature. A little while ago, they added an option to the icon called Get Help. This little person with a question mark icon will open up and give you a standard set of help options, including Provide Feedback. This then allows you take take meaningful screen shots of what you’re actually looking at.

Here’s the Get Help menu within the EPRCS MR (Management Reporting) development window:

MR PF Option

And here it is for EPRCS MR end users:

MR End User PF Option

Here’s the Get Help menu within the EPRCS NR (Narrative Reporting) development window:

NR PF Option

Here’s the Get Help menu within the EPRCS custom application development window:

EPRCS App PF Option

Seems silly, but sometimes it’s the little things.

Hey, other Oracle EPM Cloud product management folks: let’s add this enhancement to the remaining Oracle EPM Cloud solutions. We’d love to see this in Planning Cloud, FCCS, and more! #gauntletthrown


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