Oracle Does Vegas: A Recap of Oracle Cloud World 2022 #OCW22

Conferences are back! Although we're not out of the woods yet for COVID-19, it's clear that we've rounded the corner for quarantine. I felt this very strongly at Oracle's first in-person, global conference since 2019. I was not the only one who was pleasantly surprised by the turnout.My first indication of the pleasant events to … Continue reading Oracle Does Vegas: A Recap of Oracle Cloud World 2022 #OCW22

The Importance of Oracle User Groups

(credit: Google images) Oracle user groups are wonderfully diverse and knowledgeable technical communities. They've been around forever and they offer many benefits to their users. I've even read someone's explanation on how being part of one has directly changed their life. My career is certainly forever changed based on my involvement, and I am thankful that … Continue reading The Importance of Oracle User Groups

Kscope18 Abstract Submission: Procrastinators UNITE!

Ahhhh, it's that time of year again (except that it's 2-3 months later than usual). The weather is cold (actually, really freakishly cold), people have just come back from an amazing winter holiday (and have hopefully renewed their faith in humanity), and abstract submission season seems to have died down a bit. But then... Kscope18's … Continue reading Kscope18 Abstract Submission: Procrastinators UNITE!