EPM Cloud Quick Tip: Finding the Version Number

Here’s a quick tip if you need to find your cloud version. Note that I’ve checked this location against the following Oracle EPM cloud solutions (in the Pre-Production/Test environments) and it’s in the same place for all of them: Enterprise Planning Cloud (PBCS, EPBCS), FCCS, EPRCS, and ARCS. In addition, note that as an administrator you can also find the version information in the maintenance window, but the below tip is available to all types of users and reliable across the above mentioned Oracle EPM Cloud products.

First, in the upper right-hand corner of your screen select the drop-down user menu. You’ll see a variety of options. You’ll want to select “About…”:

Version-User Menu

Next, in the About menu navigate down to “Version” on the left-hand side and you’ll find your version number:

Version-About menu

What you’re seeing is the “cloud” version of the product. This set of numbers actually has meaning:

16.07.58 = year.month.patch

The version number above (as recent as of the day of this blog post) refers to the latest patch installed for EPBCS/FCCS in July of 2016, which was actually applied just this past weekend. In general, patches can be applied up to several times a month. And also in general, new releases are applied once a month (usually on the first Friday) and take on the new month number.

If you have licenses for multiple cloud products you’ll notice that they do use the same naming convention. In today’s check, I also noticed that all versions matched each other exactly. I’m not sure if this is always the case, but it’s possible if they are built upon the same platform.

The version number doesn’t follow the normal on-prem convention of “”. This makes sense when you think about it:

  • due to the fast-paced development cycle of cloud technology, new releases and patches regularly follow the calendar year (and not randomly every few months or every 1-3 years)
  • some cloud products don’t have an on-prem counterpart (e.g. EPRCS)
  • a common numbering convention creates a standard naming convention across all cloud products

BICS is a completely different animal (at least, for now). To access the BICS version number, you still navigate to the drop-down user menu. But this time you select “About Oracle BI Cloud Service”:

Version-BICS About

This will take you straight to a window that will tell you what version your cloud instance is running. However, notice that this version still uses the on-prem convention:


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