EPM Cloud Quick Tip: Managing User Security on iPad Browsers

I’m one of the administrators of the internal Cloud environments at the company I work for. We are fortunate to be able to license several environments. Since we switch them out regularly for testing and training, security also has to be managed on a regular cadence.

Sometimes it’s at night or on the weekends when I need to do a quick security change, and I’m away from my computer. However, I almost always have a mobile device within my reach, and I’m completely addicted to my iPad Pro.

What I’ve found over time is that managing EPM Cloud security doesn’t always seem to “work” within my iPad browsers. Luckily, I recently spent more than 5 minutes trying to figure this out and found a simple trick to share with you.

When using Safari, FireFox, or Chrome on an iPad browser, the security menu next to each user might act “funny”. Sometimes you click it and the menu opens. Sometimes you click it and nothing happens or a weird “Dismiss Popup” hyperlink appears randomly way higher on the screen than where you were. The interesting behavior may look like this:

So what is the fix? It’s pretty easy. I found that the issue seems to stem from the user name being located “lower” than one iPad screen’s distance from the top.

To get around this, do a search on the user name you want to change. It then becomes the only user available on the screen, and it’s within the active view. The##n you can press the menu and the menu appears. I’ve demonstrated it in this quick video:

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